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Newly renovated, Ocean Breeze Laundromat is a veteran-owned, women-owned, and family-owned laundromat company operating in the laundromat business since 2010. We firmly believe that laundromats should be a clean, safe, and efficient environment for our customers to do laundry; our business model supports these three parameters. Most importantly, customers always come first.

Unlike other laundromats of the past, which are mismanaged, dirty, and provide no refund relief from broken machinery, ours is the laundromat of the future. We have purchased advanced technology machines that advocate for the environment while providing our customers with fast washing and drying speeds. Our advanced washers spin out clothing at 200G leaving clothing almost touchably dry. The new washers hold 2 loads, 3 loads, 5 loads, and 7 loads of laundry. Our dryers have new reversible tumble dry cycles, which provide shorter dry times, and the high-efficiency, large hot dryers hold from 30 to 50 pounds. No more waiting 35-40 minutes for your clothing to dry! Enjoy better quality and better customer service!

Ocean Breeze Laundromat provides free Wi-Fi for customers.

Our laundromat is cleaned three times per day, our machines are serviced three times per week, and we keep our coin machines in working order.

A refund box is provided for customers who experience any washing machine or dryer problems if needed. Refund requests can be filled out on-site or through the refund form.

We offer a large variety of name-brand vending soaps and laundry bags. In addition, all of our laundromats have bright lighting and online security cameras so our clients can feel safe both day and night.

A drink machine is located on-site. Also, ample free parking is well-lit and may be found around the building.

Should you have questions or other information, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Thank You for choosing Ocean Breeze Laundromat!

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